Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 31st - 8:12pm

Making a point to write a post before Im half asleep today! So yesterday we rode of course. Lessons, schooling, the usual. In the afternoon we free jumped the 5 fillies Martin bred. We'd already free jumped 4 of them at Baral so for the most part it was pretty straight forward. The new one to the group and two that had done it before were fantastic. One, the same one who gave us trouble at Baral, was ridiculous. Absoutely determined to do the exact opposite of what we wanted. Took three times as long to get her over the jumps half as many times as the others. Then she tried to jump out of the free jump. I think even Martin gave up after that. The ones that went jumped well though. My favorites were a tall bay filly and Lady D. Lady D will be very nice when she's older. She's small now but quite lovely over fences. So that was the excitement yesterday.
Today was riding in the morning/early afternoon as usual. I rode Buck, Luli, Cylene, Jour and Herodes. Jour and Cylene both worked on softening to the left. Luli on stretching and relaxing in the canter. Herodes was reinstalling a go/woah button and Buck was Buck. She was very quite this morning whem we did a quick hack. Martin and the guys reset the ring after lunch and we did a jump school then. Buck was super good. Energetic and powerful jumper but rideable and honest. Love her.
The afternoon was also spent x-raying the new fillies, getting foals on/off the walker, treatments and general clean up. A pretty unexciting day all in all but not every day can be crazy!

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