Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 19th - 10:13pm

Two nights up till 10:00 and I about fell asleep at Martins dinner table. I am pathetic teenager. But living my dream so cant complain. Martin got back this afternoon so we'll be spending the next two days getting back on track before we have Sunday off. Its been fun making my own schedule but I am definitely ready for Martin to be back incharge. Trying to think of everything that needs to be happening and trying to make sure it happens is difficult. Being in a barn I just barely know makes it more difficult. The lack of ability to communicate with the guys makes it incredibly difficult. All together I just happy we made it to today with all the horses alive, in work and the barn intact.
Rode Buck, Luli, Mauro, Picaro, Cor Lit, Jour, Georgia and Nacar today. Worked with some cavaletti and on turning with my legs with most of them. Still working out the transition from steering with my hands to directing with my legs. If I think about it, have a decently easy turn and have time to prepare I can do a very nice turn off my legs. Rushed, going off of pure reaction or tight turn and I resort back to pulling their heads about with my hands. Definitely needs improvement. Speaking of hands though I am praying all the thought Ive put toward keeping my left had up will be noticable. Finding where it needs to be is hard (of course) because everything outside my usual feels weird. And it will for awhile still. Until some point when turned over feels incorrect.
Anyway headed straight to bed because I am tired. And I know Martin is going to kick my butt tomorrow in the saddle. Can feel it coming. Least Ill be on fewer horses when he does it!

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