Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 10th - 9:39pm

Another day with lots of riding. Jumped Buck and Vitroso in lessons, flatted Twilight, and warmed up Nixon and Luli for Martin's lesson with Mono. I rode Nacar as well which was really exciting because he's one of the very young three year olds in training. He's my baby to work with for a bit which should teach me a lot about training/riding super young horses. He's been under saddle less than a month now and has only recently started working in the ring without a lead horse. I think he's got small junior hunter written all over him. Adorable face, good movement, unflappable personality and very sweet. Really excited to get the chance to ride him regurally. Jumped Buck up to a meter for the first time today and she was a rockstar. My riding left some to be desired but we got it done. Being on the recieving end up and unplanned dismount two rides in a row leaves me reluctant to let her go even when she's being really good. Which is bad on me. I need to ride what is under me in the moment not what I think might be under me. The first time through the 5 stride we did a quite lovely 6. I was riding on that quiet of a stride. Stepped it up and got the 5 done but it definitely felt different. Now need to add work in that bigger step to our everyday routine. Jumping Vitroso was fun as always. He's got a big round jump that just floats in the air. Such a good boy.
After lunch we were suppose to longe the 3 yr olds then do another lesson on Jour and Lion but we got rained out. Praying the ring is fine tomorrow with the bit of rain we got. Fingers crossed. We drove out to the "Puccini Farm" to look at some young horses for a client instead. A big long grey and a smaller compact bay. I liked the grey better standing and the bay in action. Bay had a less than attractive head and neck but a 10 trot and good canter. After we hit up Easy (the Argentine version of Lowes) and a grocery store for food stuffs. Then back home for fried empanadas with Rachel, Martin and Alice. I love the fried empanadas as the house because they are the only spicy food in Buenos Aires. So good. Hopefully another day in the saddle tomorrow and maybe even internet!

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