Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 25th - 8:31pm

Horse show tomorrow! Taking a big group to Equus to school tomorrow morning. Very exciting just to have a change from the usual. I love our usual days but sometimes subtle changes of schedule are good! Like taking 12 horses to school off the property. Though it does mean we have to be in the barn at 4:00. Which means getting up at 3:00. Super fun stuff. Still excited though.
Rode Picaro, Buck, Nixon, Cylene, Cor Lit and Pastrocito today. All of them were pretty good. Getting the feel for Cylene since she's not a usual ride. Jumped Buck, Cor Lit and Pastrocito who were all good. Did a grid with Buck. With the other two we did an interesting figure eight exercise where the middle of the eight was a jump and each loop you increased to a progressively bigger step. Was hard for me because I have trouble differentiating between power and speed at times and typically see a longer distance out of a gallop step which is not what we wanted as the fence got wider. Cor Lit was first and it was pretty much a diaster. I really have no pride. It sucked. Didnt really understand what I was suppose to be doing for awhile which didnt help either. After I finished Rodrigo and Alice did it with Jour and Georgia so I understood better but still dont think it would have helped with Cor Lit. Nothing I did got the reaction I thought it would. And thinking up alternative ways to handle things while listening to Martin in a big hand gallop at a wide jump was difficult. Was better with Pastrocito but he is also a lot older and I know him better. Have only jumped Cor Lit once before. That exercise needs a lot of work though. A freaking lot of work. Off to bed early since we've got the alarms going on so early. Its still worth it though. All this work with the horses is worth it. 

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