Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 16th - 9:08pm

And we are without power tonight. Again. This is starting to become way too much of a routine. Besides this though today was a pretty good day. The horses were all good in their first day back to work. I rode Picaro, Nacar, Virtoso, Cor Lit, Luli, Nixon, Twilight, Buck and Jour. Virtroso was amazing as usual and Luli was awesome as well. I love riding Luli now days because it shows me how far Ive come in my riding already. When I first got here I couldnt get much of anything out of her at the trot and for the most part didn't bother trying to canter her because we'd fall apart after a few strides. Shes light on her feet, sensitive and smart so you have to give her a quiet straight forward ride to get her to go the best. Now I can get her to stretch at the trot and canter around the ring without falling apart into the trot. Super proud of my self! And the other horses were good too.
After riding was treatments, getting the barn finished up and starting teaching the foals how to use the hot walker. Usually Martin has sent the foals to Baral by now to live until they are 3 but Baral doesnt have enough grass so they cant go there. So were stuck with them some more. While Martin is gone he wanted them to start learning how to use the walker so at least they can get some exercise. It was hilarious. Its a 6 horse walker so we started with 3 foals with an empty slot between each of them. After the first two minutes all three foals were in one slot. Eventually the last foal got smart and ended up in his own slot. By the time we pulled them off he'd figured out the deal. Walk when the panels move, stop when they dont. The two in the slot together though were still totally confused though. We'll do the same with three more tomorrow. Hopefully theyll all kind of know the drill by the time Martin is back!
After Alice and I made pizza for dinner which was suprisingly good. I suck at cooking but I can make a decent pizza (esp when the crust is precooked!) Lost power half way through eating like yesterday. At this point Im so use to loosing power I didnt even flinch when everything suddenly went black. Thats living in a third world country though. It will probably come on around midnight like it did yesterday and scare the bejezus out of me again when all the lights suddenly turn on.
Walking back to the house we did come across a not so pleasant suprise however. Nacar had gotten himself cast. He was very calm about it but was pretty decently stuck. Of all the horses in the barn that could have gotten cast, Im glad it was him. Hes quite possibly the quietest horse Ive ever worked around despite being a 2.5 year old stallion. We affectionally call him iPony because he's small, easy, white and rechargable. He's like a little wind up toy. Kick and he goes for a bit then starts winding down. Never gets quick or stupid. Just kick and go. Totally unflappable from what Ive seen. Was able to calmly loop a rope around his front fetlock and with Alice's help we got him we got him back on the right side. And he calmly stood up, shook off and went right to looking for hay scraps. Love that pony. Another busy day tomorrow with a bunch to ride (including iPony!). Cant wait!!

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