Friday, July 27, 2012

July 27th - 9:09pm

Stayed up watching the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympics in Martins house with Rachel, Martin, Alice and some of their friends. I thought they were very good. Lost them at a few places where I didnt know what connection they were making to a movie/person/time in history but still enjoyed the show. Watching all the counties come in was pretty cool too. Some of the outfits left something to be desired (Germany? Really?) but it was good to see so many countries represented. Hoping to stay as updated as possible during the games. At least for the horse sports. Mostly show jumping but I know about about some eventers as well. Eventing's dressage kicks off tomorrow with Boyd Martin (I think) first. Tomorrow is also our day off. Not sure why they're switched but I get to sleep in tomorrow. Very exciting. And I dont have to ride. Which is probably good considering I am going to hurt. Took a header off Picaro this morning. Rode him when it was super cold and at the very end of the ride he played for a stride and my hands were frozen so didnt have a hope of hanging on to the reins. Big bruises on my right thigh and lifting my right arm is painful enough Id rather not do it. Still rode 3 horses after him though. Buck, Lion and Pastrocito were all rock stars. Was a light day here since all the ones that showed yesterday had the day off. Then they all have tomorrow off. And back to work Sunday. Spent the remainder of the morning taking horses on and off the walker (foals included). We got 6 young fillys in yesterday that were all introduced to the hot walker as well. Have a very full house at the moment! Inbetween exchanging horses it was cleaning, mane shortening, braiding and treatments. A quite but productive day. Tomorrow should be nice and relaxing and then back in the saddle!

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