Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 17th - 8:16pm

Today's work day was interrupted with happy dances and screaming from Alice and I when the internet came back on. Incredibly exciting stuff. The guys were going back and forth between being totally freaked out and hysterically laughing at us. Well mostly me. I was very happy. Let my mom know I was alive super quick then figured Id have time to chat after work. Wrong. Right during dinner again the power went out. Again. Third night in a row. And Id just started thinking about how nice a hot shower would be. So no lights, no internet, no water and no heat. My shower was going outside and dumping water over my head in an attempt to get my hair clean. The water was in empty 2 liter bottles we'd saved for times like this and was cold. Outside is barely above freezing. Not sure which was colder. Feel somewhat cleaner now. That was my reminder to appreciate the small things. I might want internet but I actually really like/want/need power. Last night the power was out until 7:00am. Hoping it comes on in time for work in the morning or we are in for a long, long day.
Speaking of long days, I rode Picaro, Mauro, Virtoso, Luli, Nixon, Nacar, Georgia, Buck, Jour and Cor Lit. They were all very good. I keep trying to use this time with Martin away to work on my little issues and so far it seems to be working. My left hand still turns over if I relax/dont think about it. My one heel comes up less though. Mostly though, Im being more definite in my riding. Creating little exercises for each horse I ride and sticking to them. Trot here, walk there, turn, halt, canter away. Testing both the horses and myself. Really hoping Martin sees improvement but likely Im doing a bunch wrong without him on me without even realizing it. Was a good day in the saddle though. Busy but good. Looking like tomorrow will be a repeat of today! Fingers crossed we have power (and maybe even internet!) in the morning! 

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