Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 1st - 9:02pm

Its the first of August. Origionally I would be heading home Saturday night and likely leaving Argentina/Rancho Pampa forever. With how in love I am with this place, that would not be an exciting prospect. But thankfully, I am able to stay for 9 more months. Three times the amount of time I have been here already. Absolutely cannot wait to see what the next 9 month hold. Miss my family, friends and activities back home a bunch. Particually my mom and swing dancing. The opportunity to be here and learn so much far outweighs my desire for things that are comfortable and easy. Besides, I have the rest of my life to spend Saturday nights swing dancing. Only 9 months to spend every day in the saddle with some of the best instruction available.
And speaking of instruction, I had two lessons today with Martin. One on Jour and one on Pastrocito. In both we worked on control around a course. Using the corners to test the horses (forward, back, shape out, ect) before coming to the next fence. Almost all the jumps on course were less than 4' wide boxes and two only had one standard so it took a decent amount of direction to get horses over the middle. Plus we couldn't go around without enough pace to get more control. Had to have both. I felt like I did pretty well with both horses and definitely had fun jumping them both around. Something abou working over fences just makes me smile. I love it. The feeling of galloping up with the right pace, right balance and just jumping a decent sized fence without missing a beat it like magic. And even over the little fences, its just awesome.
Mono was here as well this morning so Martin rode the Series 1 and 2 horses for him. All of them looked good which is awesome since we have a show Saturday. Another leg of the young horse championship! I was also on Buck who was just hacking after a hard jump school yesterday. Apparently she's leaving to go to her owner's barn soon which is great but also a little sad for me. Had grown to really like the little mare.
The afternoon was spent beautifying the horses and cleaning. Two of them now have shorter manes and the majority have hairless ears and noses as well. Going to finish project non-hairy barn tomorrow I think. Finger's crossed tomorrow's forcasted rain goes away and we can continue to ride! 

Photo of Pastrocito. One of my old favorites

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