Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 18th - 10:05pm

Alice and I started the day trying to decide if it was going to be a day when you just had to laugh at everything or start crying. I think we both opted to laugh. As a result it was a pretty good day. Walter has been sick so we've been working with just Carlos and Oscar which makes the days so much slower. Still got all the horses done though. I rode Picaro, Cor Lit, Twilight, Virtoso, Mauro, Nixon, Buck, Nacar, Georgia and Jour. Everyone was very well behaved. Set up one cavaletti today and worked a lot of them over that. As usual it was work on going, woahing and turning. Depending on the horse, different things were difficult. I got off to a super slow morning for whatever reason so had four in the aftenoon instead of just three. Just barely got finished up. But all the horses got worked, the ring got drug, horses were cleaned, hay got moved and the walker was leveled. Pretty successful day.
After work Rodrigo came over to hang out since Id been saying Alice and I were bored. Rodrigo's fun to hang out with despite the langcuage barrier. And with my rapidly improving spanish and his english, we do pretty well. Mostly its just fun to have a someone else to talk to/be around. Alice and I get along super well but other people are still fun.
I think Martin is back tomorrow which will be good. Got to get all the horses, the working students and the barn back on track. 

Two photos of Alice and I studying and goofing off in the kitchen after hours. Plus one of Rodrigo and Walter (Walter wanted pictures with Rodrigos sun glasses).

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