Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 11th - 7:33pm

Woke up this morning without power in the house. Which meant no coffee maker and even more depressing, no heat. And since I could see my breath in the air, power had likely been out for a decent amount of time. For whatever reason it was just the house, back barn and hot walker. Only one phase of the three was out apparently. Whatever that means. But besides that it was a pretty typical day. Some of the horses are still fresh from their week off which meant some of the rides were a little interesting but everyone ended up well. I rode Buck, Picaro, Mauro, Virtroso, Jour, Herodes, Twilight, Nacar and Navratilova for a little bit as well after Martin. Got to get Jour back on track with his work, you can tell he's had some serious time off. Back to stiff, crooked and short of stride. Little grey pony Nacar was the rock star of the day. Worked in the ring with two horses on the longe line around him and never blinked. Just kept on going. Then stood rock solid when I completely fell over right infront of him. Went to push the door wider open and it didn't open. So I pushed harder, slipped and went face first to the ground. Hard enough my knees are all scraped up despite breeches. Thankfully the guys didnt see and pony didnt freak.
The guys are back to pushing their limits with me as well which is requiring entirely too much thought. Theyll tell me things that arent true to see if Ill believe them. Or be standing around talking when they should be working and blow me off when I tell them to get to work. In English I could handle it better but I barely have a grasp on Spanish. "You need to work now or I call Martin" is the best Ive gotten out. My ability to use conjugations outside of the present tense is somewhat iffy but thankfully improving slowly. Can use the preterite some and a couple commands. Mostly I copy what the guys say so who knows what tense/conjugation is being used. Another day in the saddle tomorrow and since my back is killing me, Advil, hot shower and off to bed super early! 

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