Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 5th - 9:26pm

The last week or so Ive been getting up pretty consistently at 1:00am and 4:00am for no reason. It is driving me crazy. Ive always been one to sleep though everything but continue to be wide awake in the middle of the night. Making somewhat of an effort to stay up a little later tonight and actually wait till I am tired to go to bed. Have a feeling bordem will hit first and harder. There isn't all that much to do here after work besides fix dinner and get ready for bed. Fixing dinner tonight with Alice was actually kind of hysterical though. With not much available, we decided on trying to make a pizza. But since neither of us could figure out how to work the oven I suggested using the fire area where we do esados. And it was a disaster. A very funny diaster but one never the less. Fire's are really a pretty ineffectual way to cook things. Especially when the fire is big, then small, then big and you're trying to cook pizza. Maybe fire is just a bad way to cook pizza. It is also pretty difficult to keep a really consistent flame size. And my desire not to get eaten by Star and Quatro limited my desire to go looking for wood/sticks outside. With the rain, the few I found were soaked anyway. Will definitly be cleaning that in the morning. Anyway, end result was cutting it in half and throwing it all in the microwave. Turns out, hot bread, tomato sauce and cheese taste roughly like pizza regardless of what goes on. So dinner was very funny if lacking a bit in correctness. Which was good considering it was a pretty unexciting day. Took Herodes, Buck, Luli, Nixon, Cor Lit and Navratilova to San Martin. They were all relatively good considering the riding schedule has been less than amazingly consistent thanks to the rain. The afternoon was spent clipping again. I had Virtroso today to get ready for his photoshoot this weekend! He is getting his stud services auctioned off for a charity and we're doing the pictures for the cataloge Saturday. I was a tiny bit nervous clipping a chestnut with his coloring and took twice as long as usual getting it done but I think I managed to clip his whole body without a single line/oops spot. Thank God. Likely spending tomorrow clipping as well. Have Twilight to finish and a couple others that could use to be done. Want to ride though!

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