Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 29th - 9:27pm

Today flew by for whatever reason. Probably in part due to the fact I am feeling about a hundred times better. Rode Buck, Pastrocito, Herodes, Lion and Jour in the morning so a pretty light day. Martin helped me with flatting Lion and ended up with him super soft and stretching. Really he just made an example that just clicked for me. When youre riding dont constantly be saying "do this, that, this too, oh and that other things as well!" to the horses. Particually young ones. Set the parameters/what you want, get them there and then just relax. If they go to move outside of their parameters, put them back and relax. That simple. Not sure why Id never been able to get that before! Later when I got on Jour we had our best ride together and probably one of my best flat rides ever. He was soft and carried himself with just tiny reminders of where I wanted him. His canter was big, round and powerful. So different from the weak 10' step he usually likes to carry. Lion and Jour two are a lot alike so it is very easy to take the exact methods and ideas from Lion and have them work with Jour. Makes learning/understanding things a lot faster! Spent the afternoon just pitching in with whatever needed to be done. Cleaning, medications, walking, whatever. I love afternoons like that were everyone is just chill doing what they're suppose to be doing and enjoying the work. I enjoy my work at least. Which is likely why today flew by. Today along with the last 8 weeks that have positively shot by. Cannot believe I leave in 5 weeks! Im not ready to say goodbye to Rancho Pampa or Argentina. Not nearly! 

The horses at Rancho Pampa.

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