Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 15th - 7:28pm

One long, lazy day at Rancho Pampa. Alice and I slept in late (9:30!!), watched Criminal Minds and then decided to walk down to the store in town. This time we got there before it was closed so were able to buy some things we needed. I thought it would be a train wreck trying to find what we wanted and check out with only my basic spanish to go off of. It actually went really well though! Was able to translate what things were and talk to the guy behind the counter some. Alice and I stick out like crazy in Moreno so he knew we werent from around here. He knew a tiny bit of English as well which was suprising but helpful when I got stuck understanding him and translating. The longer I am in Argentina the more I realize how many people at least have some english words. Or at least words of some other language. Kind of sad that a clerk at a store in a tiny town here can speak some English but a person in the same position in the US likely knows nothing of any language besides English. Part of why I want to be bilingual (at least). Not sure anyone can really call themselves educated without some understanding of other peoples language and cultures.
Once we got back to Rancho Pampa it was about lunch time. Alice and I were hanging out in the kitchen and Walter came looking for lunch. Since the lady that cooks lunch has Sunday off there wasn't anything made. So feeling ambitious I attempted to make lunch for Walter. I lasted about 5 minutes at it before the whole kitchen was filled with smoke, Walter was critiquing and I was asking Alice for help. Honestly I think I could have salvaged it all by myself but the amount of embarassment it would have been just wasnt worth it. Not sure Ill even live that down. Im sure Walter will tell the guys and they will truly think I am a freak. A girl that can't cook!? They just recently have gotten use to having me around in the barn. Im sure I break every social rule they have for girls down here. And Alice finds it absolutely hysterical that Im so terrible at cooking. If she ate eggs Id show her what an awesome omlette I can make but since she doesn't Ive got nothing. After the lunch diaster was more Criminal Minds and CSI. Then Martin's mom dropped in for a bit and finally at 6:00 we let Walter out and closed up the barn. Thankfully we opted for an early dinner because half way through we lost power. And its still out. Going to be a cold night without the heater going! Hoping it comes back on soon! Another big week with Martin gone for most of it. Riding, riding and more riding. Also keeping my fingers crossed the internet will come back at some point soon! I miss it! 

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