Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 4th - 8:43pm

Its the forth of July! And since the date has zero importance here I didn't even know until an hour ago. Very different being in a country that doesn't celebrate the days you know. Also a very different type of 4th. Cold, wet and windy. It rained on and off through the morning when we tried to ride so everyone ended up soaked. By noonish the rain/nasty weather had just about gotten to everyone and had turned the ring to mush. Plus the horses were a touch wild after several days off and with the weather. Could have definitely done without the foul weather but at least the morning was spent in the saddle. I rode Puccini, Jour, Buck and  Herodes. Jour was really good and super quiet all things considering. We're working really hard to build his topline and self carriage and it is definitely paying off. Can feel the difference. Had one of my shortest rides ever on Buck. Got about 30 feet into the ring before a spook put me on my butt again. One of these days I'll learn to pay 100% of my attention to the horse I am on 100% of the time. Not today but I will at some point. After she was absolutely fantastic though. I love that horse.
The afternoon was spent clipping again. Got Mauro finished and everything but Twilight's head and lower legs done. Just a bit more to finish tomorrow afternoon. We're taking some to San Martin in the morning to ride and likely spending the afternoon clipping again. Even if the rain were to totally quit now, the ring would still be bad for a few days so I forsee a lot of body clipping in my future. At least we get to ride tomorrow morning though.
Get to have a talk with Walter tomorrow as well about words/language which should be interesting. I always run the words the guys teach me by Martin because I don't particually trust them not to teach me incorrect or bad words. Im a gringa, new to the language and they know it. Up till today they'd played nice but Walter broke out a new word that we're going to have to have a talk about. But I am happy I know enough of the language to tell him not to use it instead of having to have Martin do it. Being immersed in the language will definitely teach you everything. Good and bad. I know Im already using vos and a different pronunciation of some words/accent in my speech. Im sure Ive picked up more than a few words that won't be in any textbook or dictionary which should be interesting in the US. Slang/lumfardo is definitely alive and well in Buenos Aires!

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