Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 14th - 8:14pm

Another day spent in the saddle! Rode Buck, Cor Lit, Mauro, Skyline, Virtroso, Picaro, Nacar, Nixon, Luli and Pastrocito. I think Ive crossed the line on being addicted to riding. Tomorrow is my one day to do something not horse related and I still just want to ride. Am excited to sleep in though. All the horses were great today on their last day of the work week and hopefully they will be good Monday when we pull them out again. Alice and I worked up some dinner, grabbed our pets and headed to an early bed after a long week. Alice has befriended one of the barn cats and is quickly converting him to house cat. Chester is very happy with the switch. And with Rachel gone, Ive taken over being Violeta's mom. Totally spoiling her as well. Shes passsd out on my bed next to me as I write this. So cute.
Anyway its been a pretty non exciting day all things considering. Just a bunch of riding and working. Love life here.

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  1. Loving reading your blog! I get so frustrated when there's no updates and I know your internet must be down! Hope you two are having a great time down there and the horses keep going well :)
    - Megan McClarty