Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 2nd - 8:27pm

Today would will not be a contender for the "Best Days in Argentina" list. It rained all night so there was no riding today. And likely no riding tomorrow or Wednesday either unless we haul out to somewhere. Which means body clipping. Oh how I loathe thee. Clipped Luli and Skyline this morning then clipped up (ears/nose) Cylene, Puccini, Nixon, Quantum, Fantasma and Picaro this afternoon. Thankfully everyone was really good so it was more annoying work than difficult. I really dont like clipping. Then Alice ended up not getting in today. Some issue with flights being late/missing connections. Not sure the details but doesnt sound like fun. Maybe even less fun than clipping. She should be here tomorrow to join in the clipping fest though. What a warm welcome to Rancho Pampa! Fingers crossed for clear weather so we can all be back in the saddle soon!

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