Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 30th - 7:18pm

It is almost getting to the point that days blur together a little bit which is making writing this blog as a day by day thing both a challenge and very rewarding. I can look at the different entries and see everything that was accomplished in the span of a few days, week or month. As I finish my second month here I realize how much being at Rancho Pampa has taught me and how much this place as become home. Today, I rode Lion infront of Martin without a single critique. It wasn't a lesson or serious thing by any means but getting through that ride without having him point out something I was doing obviously wrong was a huge boost. Finally getting the hang of the training here and how it produces such nice horses. Each one I get on now I can do something with and can feel real progress in the horses I ride regurally. Its a great feeling. The 'hard' horses are becoming easier and easier as well. And one interesting thing is that my favorites have changed (besides Lion, he'll always be a favorite). I use to adore riding Herodes and Pastrocito. They were uncomplicated, nice enough and would save my butt if necessary. Now, though, Buck, Luli and Jour are some of my favorites to get on. Two are sensitive mares and none would likely be marked as super easy to ride/jump for a variety of reasons. I couldn't get any of them to do anything the first couple times I got on but now, I absolutely love working with them. Their more sensitive side and attention to the rider is what makes them fun because they can give that much more. Pastrocito and Herodes are still fun but they're significantly less thrilling to ride that Luli or Buck. Martin's working with a lovely young mare, Navratilova, as well who I think will be the type of horse I love. Smart, athletic, very pretty and just enough forward to keep things fun. Hoping I may be able to ride her before I can leave!
In my last month here I want to work even hard to learn as much as I can in the saddle and about Argentina in general. The people, the language, the culture, everything. Mostly, though, I want to continue to ride better and better. As Buck showed me today, I might be getting more profecient but I still have a lot to learn. Going to have a lovely bruise where I landed on my butt coming off of her. Its what I get for not staying tight in the saddle though! Horses will teach plenty but they'll always keep you humble with reminders of what you still have not mastered!  

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