Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 26th - 9:20pm

In an attempt to stay up to watch Criminal Minds with Alice got a few things accomplished. Repainted my nails (dark blue) after two days in the barn left the old polish ruined. Translated my favorite spanish song to english (Hasta Que Salga El Sol). And finally, changed my calendar so my return home date is correct again (was August 4th but now is April 29th 2013). I get to stay at Rancho Pampa until April!!! Just a few days short of a full year here. Realized a couple weeks ago I was absolutely not ready to go home yet and began working on trying to stay. And as of now the airline tickets have been offically changed to the new date. So excited. Going to be able to learn so, so much these next 9 months. Cant wait!
Anyway today started out super early at 3:00. And since Im super dyslexic about times I thought Martin said we were suppose to be in the barn at 4:00. He actually said we had to be in the barn at 5:00 so had to get up closer to 4:00. Realized that at about 4:20 when Alice and I were the only people in the barn. My bad. Took 11 horses over to Equus to school and everyone was pretty good. My first (and favorite) job was to take Cor Lit and walk him everywhere. So we wandered/trail road through the grounds at Equus for a good 45 minutes. It was a fun way to get to see the property and I think Cor Lit enjoyed the walk. Warmed up Nixon and Skyline as well.
After the show we shot back home, unloaded and jumped on Jour and Lion. Quick school in them, lunch and then I rode Picaro and Buck. Both were good. Feel like Im working on another breakthrough with Buck which is very exciting. I really like that mare so want to learn to ride her better.
Going to be a light day tomorrow with most of the horses who showed today having the day off. Lesson on Jour, riding Picaro, Buck and probably one of the greys. Then hopefully fixing some manes, trimming some wiskers and general clean up. After that, though, who knows! We got 6 more very green horses in today as well. Back to a very full house! Should be fun to see these new ones get started though!

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