Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 13th - 8:04pm

So yesterday was a bit crazy. Martin has been seriously prepping for his vacation with Rachel to northern Argentina for the last couple days but yesterday was the last day. Which meant there were 284629 things to get done and only time for about 10. Rodrigo was back and able to longe horses so the morning went quicker but then Martin had to teach some lessons which slowed us down. Still ended up with everything finished thankfully. Had some really good grid lessons with Mauro and Twilight. My position has become so much more secure since starting this job. Love it! All of the horses were pretty good as well. Spent dinner getting the run down from Martin on exactly what needed to happen while he was away with the horses, guys, vet, people and every other thing that goes on here.
So today was the first day without Martin and personally, I think it went well. All 28 of the horses that needed to be worked got worked. I rode Buck, Picaro, Twilight, Cor Lit, Mauro, Luli, Nixon, Pastrocito, Nacar and Georgia. They were all supersuper good. I think Im riding those 10 pretty consistently while Martin is away with Alice having a different set of 10. Rodrigo has 4 for the longe line since the 4 other babies left today. We'll rotate the 20 undersaddle through being longed as well. It should be a fun week though. I planning on spending the time working on everything Martin gets on me about. Ive enlisted Alice to yell at me whenever I turn my left hand over as well. Hoping that helps me correct the habit. We'll see. Alice made dinner tonight and were already making plans for what we'll do Sunday. I think its tied right now on getting up and going to the store/bakery or sleeping in all day and forever. Im honestly not sure what will win right now.
But with Rachel gone Ive drug Violeta in the house to sleep. So now Ive got a dog and Alice has an overly friendly barn cat. The house is becoming more home-y.
Told the guys about the blog today as well. Not sure how it came up but it did. Walter at least was a bit interested though Im not sure he understood it was a blog and not a book. But since I couldnt show Walter a post with him mentioned in it, here you go: "Hello, what is your name?" Walter has become one of best friends in Argentina. He works in the barn and is just one of those fun people to have around. Plus he's the same age as me which is always nice. The guys in the barn are an interesting group but a good one. Still have a lot of work to do to really be able to talk to them though! 

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