Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 20th - 4:14pm

Woke up in a bit of an iffy mood this morning. Kind of tired, kind of grumpy and very homesick. Not entirely sure what caused it and couldn't quite shake it durning the morning rides. Couldn't get in the groove with any of the horses I got on. Was just loose, weak and distracted. Martin got on almost all the horses this morning so for the most part we just warmed them up and handed them off. Which was still almost more than I could deal with.  Had a lesson on Twilight and I honestly couldn't tell someone what was said to me during the lesson. Alice said I was making the corrections but I have no what Martin even said to me. From how I felt and how much we zig-zagged between the standards Im not sure I want to know what was said either. Not a fun morning.
We quit for lunch and the break helped me get my head on a little straighter. Which was good because we had another lesson on Jour and Lion. I had Jour and we actually got through the gymnastic lesson pretty well. Jour isn't always the easiest to jump but Im figuring him out pretty well. And Martin only had a few minor critiques which made me pretty happy. Still feeling kind of funky/homesick but that ride helped a lot. Headed out to Haras Sigla now to look at some young horses for a client and then hopefully to somewhere with internet. I cant wait till be just have internet back at home.  

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