Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 3rd - 8:03pm

Spent the day body clipping again. I did Mauro and Nixon while Rodrigo did Benito and Pura. Probably going to spend at least part of tomorrow clipping as well since Twilight is a hairy beasty. I hate clipping though. Especially without any saddle time at all. The ring looked better today though so hopefully soon!
Alice got here today as well! She's super nice and hoping we'll have a lot of fun. She's probably having Argentina over load as I attempt to give her to scoop on the barn all at once. She also reminded me that people actually read what I write besides my mother. Every so often Id say something and she'd be like "oh yeah I read that!" Definitely an awkward moment right there! Having her here with the guys has made me realize how much spanish I have learned. I am able to translate some which is very new and very interesting for me! Ive never been fantastic with languages so loving that Im getting better and better with Spanish. I made a gigantic stack of notecards with 1000 of the most common spanish words on them the other day. Slowly making my way through the stack trying to learn them all and use them on a daily basis. Ive found more different words I use to speak the more I am able understand right off when others speak. With words I dont know so well I have to stop, think about what they said, translate it to english then come up with a reply. Now, though, with my expanded vocab and better understanding some spanish words/phrases mean things without me having to mentally translate. Super exciting for me. Working really hard to try to become fluent in this language! 

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