Saturday, July 28, 2012

July 28th - 9:40pm

Today was Alice and my day off and we were so bum like it was almost laughable. Habit had us both up early but we watched TV (Criminal Minds), did laundry and hung out most of the morning. Once it warmed up I took off outside to take pictures of some of the horses and ended up layed out in the front yard reading. Alice joined me after a bit. And once Rodrigo was finished with work he came out for a bit. We all joked around, hung out and just enjoyed having nothing to do in the amazing weather. Sometimes its fun to just hang out and be stupid with people my own age.
Lunch after and then tried to watch the Gladiator with Alice. And fell asleep half way though. Oops. Had a quick dinner then back to hanging out in the house with Lady Jane (one of the cats weve adopted) and Alice. Back to work tomorrow and its going to be a long 7 day week but looking forward to continuing to ride. Want to get better at riding. And with spanish. Two things that wont happen without a lot of work and a lot of time. Good thing I have more time and plenty enough desire to work. Even if I do enjoy the lazy days!

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