Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 7th - 6:39pm

Lost my tablet in the barn last night so couldnt write a blog post. Not that it really mattered since yesterday was just more clipping, cleaning and mane pulling. Finished clipping Twilight, shortened at least 6 manes, washed a bunch of wraps as well as every single saddle pad in the barn. The guys likely think Im a little crazy with the cleaning. Told Martin I just need a bottle of bleach and I can really get his barn clean. Today we got to ride though. Thank goodness. Too many days without riding. The ring was still wet but we did what we could. I rode Puccini, Herodes, Twilight, Buck and Jour. They were all pretty decent which was good. Would have hated to go flying with all the mud. Took most of the day to ride those 5 horses though since we were short one guy in the morning and two in the afternoon. Was good to be back in the saddle though. I had Martin walk me through leg yields (since no matter how many times they are explained I get something wrong) and spent part of each ride schooling leg yields at the walk. Hoping to get those down this next week or so at the walk, trot and canter. Or at least at the canter with the ones who can. Practice until giving the aids becomes second nature. Then another movement. With the short break I had to think more to remember the new things Ive been taught so have to work on cementing those as well as adding more things. Always places for improvement.
Asked Martin if we could go into town to get internet somewhere so should be able to post some/let my mom know Im not dead. Hopefully at least!

And Walter wanted to play photographer with my tablet.

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