Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 21st - 3:31pm

So I have to give some major props to Alice last night for making my day about a hundred times better. Got home from the farm and decided I was having chocolate cake for dinner because it'd just been that type of day. Which meant Id have to make a cake. Alice helped because I was sure I would mess it up despite only having to add 3 eggs and milk to the cake mix. And she only laughed for a little bit when I opted to bake the cake in the microwave. Much faster and it does actually work. Then we ate dinner and blasted music (Mika because Mika is awesome). Obviously a decent amount of singing, dancing and laughing went along with the music playing as well. Definitely a good end to a crummy day.
Today was much better though. It started with cake since there was a ton of batter left and Im not sure how long it will actually keep. Though I wasn't actually inconvienced by starting the day with cake for breakfast. And the morning went by really really fast. Got all the horses ridden by 1:00. Rode Buck through the grid and she was a rockstar. Then spent most of the morning warming up horses for Martin to ride with Mono or for him to school. Rodrigo is back able to ride as well so there aren't a ton to do when split 4 ways.
Quick lunch and now were on the way to look at more horses. Driving through the campo (the country side) and it reminds me a ton of home. Flat with big open agricultural fields on either side of the highway. Love getting out of the farm and out in the country. Feels good to just be out. Alice and I are of course goofing off in the back seat taking pictures and listening to each others ipods. We stopped at a gas station and bought diet coke for me and sprite for her then had to laugh about how excited we were for pop/soft drinks. Youd think we'd be sick of each other after almost 3 weeks of being together 24/7 but not at all. We're becoming really close friends and find something almost every day that we have in common. So glad that we get along so well. Makes life a ton easier. And its good to have a friend in this country who isn't a guy. Walter and Rodrigo are awesome but Alice is a girl and speaks english. Though Rodrigo and Walter are both working very hard on their english. A couple days ago I walked up on them arguing over which way was correct "I love you Alice" or "Alice I love you". They're just a tiny bit hilarious most days. Love them both. 

Photos of my cake and the country side.

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