Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22nd - 6:53pm

Fantastic day today. Last night left a lost to be desired since I somehow ate something that made me very sick but today totally made up for it. Slept in till 9:00 and was lazy for a bit then went into Capitol with Martin, Rachel and Alice. Martin and Rachel had a lunch date so they dropped Alice and I off at the park with directions to meet them at Club Aleman in a couple of hours. The weather was perfect and that part of Capitol is very pretty. There was also a trade fair going on so there were all sorts of booths set up with people selling things. Jewlery, belts, handmade clothes, mate cups and tons of other stuff. Some was weird, some was beautiful and it was all interesting. The mix of language was also very interesting. Lots of people spoke english and several spoke a strange mix of spanish/english. Once again Alice and I were spotted right off as foreigners so vendors would try to speak english to us or ask if we spoke spanish. I was able to talk with a few in Spanish and almost bought a few pieces of jewlery before Alice reminded me Id never get to wear the things. So much of the jewlery and art was so pretty though. One booth had these very neat little trees made of wire with glass leaves. The colors of the leaves symbolized different things like luck, health and whatnot. Alice and I both loved them but decided the changes of them making it make to the states in one piece was not huge so didnt buy one. There was also a very interesting handmade chess set. So many different things for sale!
We also walked though this very old cemetary and Catholic church. Both of which were gorgeous in their own ways. So much history in both those places. The cemetary was different from anything Ive ever seen. I had expected an open type field with graves in the ground. Nope, these were mausoleums. Some were very old, others newer. Some were very plain with just cement and a name while others were huge with carvings and statues. It was also a pretty varied mix of people buried alone or with families. Just an incredibly interesting place. The church was the same one Id seen with Rachel a few weeks ago but without Mass going on we were about to go inside and see the paintings, statue and arcithecture. All very gorgeous.
After, we hit up the mall for a bit just to check it out and then started for Club Aleman. We could have easily taken a taxi but since we had the time and the day was lovely, we opted to walk. Took about 45 minutes but most of it was through/near parks and it went by very fast talking with Alice. Spent almost the whole walk discussing world history. Not really your average 18/19 yr olds. Made it to the Aleman on time, without getting lost and without drama which was good. Arrived just in time to watch the first rider of the Grand Prix go. Picadilly was there along with my favorite GP rider here Alexis. Both did very well. Martin and Rachel arrived just as the last rounds were going. Stuck around to watch the jump offs but still probably couldn't tell you who won. One disadvantage to not understanding the language. Never really know how the class is going. Anyway, we're home now which is good as the lack of sleep last night is taking its toll. Quick dinner tonight, bed and work in the morning! 

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