Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 9th - 8:09pm

Planned to be in the barn at 7:30 to ride. Woke up to pouring rain and Martin yelling to get up and get ready at 6:50 because I was going to the clinic with Bernie Traurig at the BA club in town. We leave in 10 minutes. Had a long morning setting jumps and listening to rapid fire spanish and english translations. Bernie coaches in english. Martin says what he says in spanish. I got a headache just listening. Picked up a lot of new words though. Ill learn this language some way or another. Bernie had a lot of helpful things to say and was very positive about everyones riding. After we went to this cool little leatherworking shop/tack store and Bernie bought some hand made bits. He'd never heard of a boucher before and wanted to buy one after seeing one work very well on a tough horse in the clinic. We all had a great lunch at the Hipico after then back to the barn to ride more horses. I got to jump Lion around a bit like a hunter. And well I definitely like him better as a jumper. Skyline was a nice hunter yesterday. Lion... Not so much. But learned a lot watching Bernie work with another horse named Twilight. Not sure I will ever use anything he did but never bad to learn something new. My spanish is getting good enough I could understand some of what Martin said in translating. And I could joke around with Rodrigo some. Long day running around today. Back to riding tomorrow I hope!

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