Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 30th - 6:30pm

Rancho Pampa is back on track with a working ring! Heck yes! Herodes, Buck, Geologo, Pastrocito and the babies are all back undersaddle after 10 days off! I rode Geologo, Buck, Justinian, Skyline, Lion, Luli and Benito. And had a week of dressage lessons crammed into one morning. Guess thats the fastest way to do it though! Worked on helping the babies get under themselves by bringing my body back and more centered over them. Sitting tighter and stiller so they could focus more on what they are doing and less on what I happen to be doing on top of them. A pretty constant stream of critique isn't fun to listen to but it certainly gets the job done. I hate doing things incorrectly or ineffectively though so this was good for me. So much to learn still! They were all great and got some especially great work out of Benito and Skyline. Those two Im especially happy with because when I first arrived I couldn't get decent self carriage out of either of them. Im still hit or miss on maintaining the carriage for decent lengths of time but part of that is their youth as well I think. But it was a fantastic day spent riding all morning and most of the afternoon. Inbetween times were spent taking care of "the list". Walking Picaro, Corlit and Memphis. Doctoring anything that needs doctoring and basically doing anything that is outside of the ordinary day to day care the guys do. Maybe Im weird but that type work is hands down my favorite outside of riding.

My roommate Pez is making dinner tonight so it will be something besides eggs which is great. Im helping in the few ways I can but she looks pretty self sufficient at the moment so I'm writing! It looks amazing. Then off the bed early for another busy day at Rancho Pampa!

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