Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 29th - 8:45pm

Today was one of those days that felt like it lasted twice as long as normal. Not entirely sure why but it did. We rode the 14 we've managed to keep in work without having a ring. They were all good. I was on Lion, Benito, Mauro and Pastrocito (who started back into work today - he's older so had was less likely to loose it with time off). Was fun to get one 4 of my favorites. Only ones missing were Herodes and Virtroso! The rain is suppose to be over and our ring was somewhat useable today so fingers crossed we will be back full force this week. The afternoon was spent grooming all the horses in the barn with Carlos and Hernan, cleaning all the tack for the horses and helping with the vet. Cor lit was gelded and the new round of 3 yr old colts Martin bred came in this afternoon so they got checked as well. Martin does x-rays on all the babied knees and fetlocks before starting them into work. All 4 of them are big bodied already for 3 yrs old and will hopefully be really nice horses. We're going to do all the groundwork with them this next month then send them off to get broken undersaddle. Theyll come back at some point this summer to start training for the young horse series next year. Its just the 4 colts because the mares were brought in earlier this year to be broke but were then turned back out to be bred with the rest of Martins mares at Pringleys. So it was a pretty nonstop day and by the end of it I think everyone was a little dead on their feet. Still managed to throw together a pretty decent omlette for dinner with red and green peppers and onions. Pretty proud of my ability to make food now days!

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