Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 2nd - 5:00pm

Currently at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. Arrived in here at 2 or 3. Honestly I have no idea. Time changes really aren't my thing apparently. I get outside of east coast time and am lost. But still managed to get from Charleston to here just fine. Slept most of the flight which was amazing after last night. Which was terrible. I hate goodbyes. Even when I know Im not going to be gone long. Some of my Charleston friends I probably won't ever see again but those were nothing compared to saying goodbye to my barn family who I will see again. They really have become like family and saying goodbye for the summer sucked. Plus I was just flat out scared last night. Up until then I had been nervous, excited, worried and thrilled for the trip but last night I was just flat out scared. And I dont really do scared well. At all. On at least a weekly basis Eliza tells me how much she likes hanging out with me because Im confident and bold. I love that and do it pretty well. I dont do scared well.
Sitting here though in the airport though, I am excited. Veryvery excited. This adventure has started! I am here by myself in a city I have never been to before by myself waiting to board an airplane to fly to a city, country and continent I have never been to before. In 14 hours I will be in Buenos Aires Argentina to start a new life for awhile. I have always said I wanted to get away from home. I think 10000+ miles could be far enough. Maybe. Guess we'll see! 

Pictures are the view over Charleston and the plane to BA before take off.

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