Friday, May 18, 2012

May 18th - 8:18pm

It ended up raining about 10:00am here. Got a few ridden early but once the weather got miserable we gave up. I set up and worked on my pole/turning/straight line exercise with Herodes again and am really getting better at being exact with what I want. After Martin had me take Benito through it. Dear lord that horse can jump. He jumps everything with his knees to his eyeballs and round as can be. Worked on more position stuff and using my body more effectively over and between fences. Shortly thereafter the rain picked up and we just went to barn chores.
But I did finally get an explination about potatos here. Lunch is prepared by Goyos wife everyday for everyone here. And almost every meal includes potatos. I like potatos so I dont mind too much but it was getting to the point it was kind of creeping me out. We'd have spagetti with potato chucks in it. Pizza (which is beyond strange here to start) with mashed potatos. Rice with potato chunks. Just everything with potato. Like everything. I thought it was just a normal thing here cause the guys ate them but the more I go out with Martin and Rachel Im realizing people here dont eat an excessive amount of potatos. Just us. And apparently she use to only make food with rice. Then Martin bought a big crate of potatos for the downstairs kitchen for her to use to cook with whenever. She still just used rice. So after a bit Rachel went to her and suggested that since we had so many potatos it would be good to use some for lunch every now and again. And since then, its been potatos with every meal. Lots and lots of potatos.  

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