Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 6th - 11:50am

Today is technically my day off but as usual I am still in the barn. I live right above the main grooming stalls in middle of the barn so nothing goes on in the barn without waking me up. Woke up to Hernan dropping something I think. Nothing like a huge crashing noise to get ya out of bed! Martin is riding some of the 4 year old that had the last two days off though so trailing after him watching and listening. The horses he's working today were in the young horse championship series on Thursday. Theyve all been super nice. One Voltaire baby is just a stunning chestnut with 4 stockings and a blaze. Brette, you would love this horse. Martin has a lot of interesting ideas that I haven't heard before but make a lot of sense. Just going to keep watching and listening. Hernan cleaned up some of the horses and we took sale pictures of them. I think Ill end up doing the FB page and website here like I use to do at Full Circle. Martin has his hands full and I admitted I had done it before. Taking the pictures today showed me again how good his system is at turning out sane young horses. We had two dogs up under these young horses feet and were shaking a bag trying to get their ears up with zero reacion from the horses. National even tried to fall asleep! These, for the most part, are 4 yr old stallions! Nothing phases them. Most of them have only been in training since Jan. or so as well. Martin said Id get to see the whole process of wild unbroke monster horses to sweet, quiet show horses. Ive yet to see one rear, buck or spook. I want to train horses like this. They're sane, safe and happy without a crazy system or medication. Just good training and a routine.
Anyway I think were going back to the Aleman tonigh to watch the Grand Prix! Im so excited! Never seen a GP in person before. Spending the day watching Martin work the horses, try to talk to Hernan and play with the dogs and cats. Good day at Rancho Pampa.

The show and GP were awesome! Martin knows everyone so you can point out some horse or rider you like and he can tell you who they are and breeding and who knows who and everything. I really like this one grey mare and a little chestnut stallion that jumps like a freak. And the stallions Cash and Picadilly that Martin has babies by. After the show we went by his friends house in town and hung out for awhile. The friends and their two little girls spoke next to know english so again, it was very interesting. They drank this stuff called "mate" which I had already learned to just say no thanks to. That and the coke/yagermister combo at the show. No bueno. The two girls were shy at first but by the end I was playing games with one and doing puzzles with the other. Im sure they think Im the dumbest person alive but their parents said they never realized I didnt speak their language. Picked up some new words from them and worked on asking basic question with them. They can almost count to 5 in english but five is fives to them. They were super cute and fun. I am really enjoying going into town with Martin and trying/seeing new things. I get the impression he thinks its kind of humerous that I have tried so few things and yet am dead set on having an adventure here. He'll order me whatever he's getting or pick me up something when he runs in a store (I stay in the car so he doesnt have to really park - another thing I think he kind of enjoys) and is just like "here try it". So far the food has been good but trusting his drink selection less and less after the mate drink and coke concotion. He's a really nice guy and great horse person though. Its going to be a fun summer here. Bernie Trahrig is coming in for a week tomorrow so early night tonight cause this next week is going to be crazy!

Photos of one of the jumps I did with Lion yesterday, the barn from the ring and the tree next to the ingate the bohos (mini desert owls) like to sit in during the day.

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