Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14th - 6:17pm

Great day at Rancho Pampa. It was Bernie's last day here and everything is getting back on schedule. I rode Geologo, Pachini, Maulo, Luli, National, Lion, Pastrocito, Herodes and one or two more I think. I'm still trying to learn all 25 or so horses here so tough to keep track of everyone I was on. Especially when most of the chestnut look the exact same to me right now. But either way all the horses were fantastic and I love spending all day riding. With Rachel home and no clients here I'm hoping the barn will fall into whatever routine is normal. I like a routine and at least some kind of schedule so will be good to figure out what it is here. Plus it means we can get back to horse showing! Missed the show this week with the clinics but after going and seeing several I want to be apart of it again with riders to cheer for and horses to get ready. Much more fun that way. Showing means getting all the horses back on a schedule though and that I am super excited about because they have a riding board here like we have at my barn at home. Each of the horses names are down the side and the days of the week across the top. Martin said I could keep it filled out for our horses. Should help me get the names straight and help when Martin just says finish the list like he did today. I'm usually pretty good at finishing lists but since I didn't know of a list here I was a tiny bit lost. Got it all sorted out though and every horse ended up ridden like they needed to be. Poor Hernan is already totally confused by it. I need his help filling out the board because I don't always know the horses Martin or Rodrigo ride. Since Hernan tacks most of them up he knows who gets worked. I'd point to a horse and he'd say a name for who rode it and if they jumped made a jumping motion. Or pretend to be longing someting if the horse had been longed. Or act like he was on a hotwalker if the horse got walked. I may not learn much spanish from him but we have hand/body signals down to a science. But I'd put H for hacked, J for jumped, L for longed and W for walked like at home. He could not figure out what weird notations I was using. Not sure what to use that will be universally understood. Guess that means its my board for now! Finished for the day today but another full one tomorrow riding and with the vet coming! 

Photos of my riding board(!!!) and Hernan. After lunch everyone takes a short break from work. No idea where the guys go so I usually hang out in my house till I hear them below. Heard Hernan talking so went down and found him layed out in a wheelbarrow with a horse blanket laid in it talking on the phone. I was almost hysterical I was laughing so hard. He posed for a picture!

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