Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 3rd - 9:45am

At least I think it is 9:45. It feels way earlier and way later at the same time. I am at the ranch now. 10000+ miles from home. For some reason though, it does not feel so far. Probably because of the horses. As Martin said, they are a challenge and a comfort all in one. Already I have seen sights I thought I never would. A horse and sulky going across an overpass as we drive down the highway. Crazy driving with crazier people on motorcycles. The flight was easier enough here. Slept a lot and talked to the girl in the seat next to me named Chelsea. She's from LA and doing a sort of backpacking though through lots of South America. Very cool stuff. Toward the end if the flight I got to watch most of War Horse. Even in the air it is still all about horses. Also the farther we came south the more ice crystals formed on the windows of the plane! It was crazy. Guess winter and high altitude will do that.
Even better than the flight though was the ride here. So I get off the plane and through customs no problem. Right as I step into the airport I see a latino man holding a Rancho Pampa sign. I say hi to him and a translator immedietly comes over and asks if I speak spanish. I tell her "un poco" and that Im suppose to go with him. Apparently that was plenty for her and she whisked away leaving me who speaks next to no spanish with a guy who speaks zero english. An hour long car ride home was spent attempting to talk. But I know his name is Robbie. Or Dobbie. Or something. And he is 30. Tomorrow is his birthday! I think. And he has a girlfriend and 3 kids. He was super nice though and tried super hard to make connversation but dear lord I was hopeless. Lots of smiling, pointing and laughing though which is always good. It is so strange to be somewhere where my language is basically useless. Buenos Aires is huge as well. Even the small part I was from the car is 10x the size of Charleston. It is also so different. On the ride home we saw a mini pony just kind of hanging out on the side of the road. Judging from Robbie/Dobbies reaction thats a fairly normal thing here! Anyway Martin is at a show and Rachel is in China so guess Im off to explore on my own! Should be exciting!  

Photos are of a river near BA, the plane I flew in on, the sunrise over Argentina, the EZE airport and mini pony.

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