Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 19th - 11:30pm

After the rain yesterday the ring was decently flooded so no riding today. It was horse grooming day (clipping, braiding tails/manes, ect) and barn cleaning. Probably got fired from clipping anything else after butchering Cor Lit's hair. Apparently lost my ability to decently clip a horse by moving here. Either the move or using gigantic Oster

ClipMaster clippers. Want my little Andis clippers back!
We went to the La Tatabra auction tonight which was a bunch of fun. I was able to understand the people at our table a little bit and Rachel filled in the rest. The horses were also really nice for the most part. We bought horse number 5 and let the other two we were looking at pass. Think the most expensive horse of the night was $17,500? I loved a little bay hunter type gelding who moved and jumped great but apparently he failed the vet big time so he sold really cheap. And another cute one, Tatabra Unico (#26), was marked as a size small but was legit a large pony. Maybe 14.2hh. With long feet. And in shoes. Didn't stay to see if he sold but hope the little guy found a good home. Cause he was a midget. And there is no pony division here.
But once again, the food was cause for great discussion. I was super excited to see/try all the random food that they serve at the auction. Rachel said its usually great little finger food and lots of drinks. Tonight, however, was the exact opposite. They had diet coke, coke, water and red wine to drink which was strange to start with. Then the food got even weirder. A tiny bowl of chips for the table of 8. A container of basically stick shaped crackers. Quarter sized pieces of flat bread with some kind of creamy cheese on top with either nuts or tomatos on top. Two small meatballs on bamboo sticks. Then a bowl of mayo and a bowl of some hot/spicy sauce. Not with anything though. Just the sauce. By this point our table was laughing over the food and trying to figure out what to do with the sauce. Then the breaded chicken leg with tin foil wrapped around one end came out. Followed by halved mini potatos with who knows what on them. Then, best yet, spinach sticks. Which might have been ok if it wasn't the type you buy in a bag from the freezer section of the grocery store. Which was followed by some sort of cooked peppers and meat chunks dish. Which was actually almost as bad as the tin foil chicken. A basket of bread slices was in there somewhere. I'm working at being more open to different foods so tried everything but seriously some of the weirdest food ever. Rachel made a point to remind me several times that this food, like the potatos in everything at home, is not normal for Argentina. But it was fun. Getting to recognize some people and learn more of the language. Were heading to Rodrigos birthday party now that the auctions over. Should be another fun/interesting experience!

Photo of the free jumping ring prior to the auction starting.

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