Saturday, May 26, 2012

May 26th - 8:10pm

The new roommate/working student arrived today! Her name is Pez, she's 22 yrs old and from Argentina. She's staying here until the end of June which will be right before a different girl, Alice, arrives. She seems very nice and thankfully speaks/understands more english than I do with spanish. Still trying hard to use mostly spanish with her though. Really want to learn this language! She got here in the afternoon so didn't get to ride but will probably be getting in the tack Monday with tomorrow being the show.
We took all the horses going to the show for a nice long walking trail ride this morning since our ring is still flooded. They got to stretch their legs, get some energy out and see different things which is always good. And it was amazing to get out of the ring. Im definitely a fan of a nice arena with beautiful jumps but getting out of the ring for a bit is awesome. I rode Benito, Cylene, Twilight and Justinian. Fingers crossed we have our ring back next week though. I want back on Geologo, Herodes and Pastrocito! I loved the week of riding all morning and afternoon. With all the trailering and mess involved with moving the ones we want to ride to a new place the ones that arent supersupersuper important get put off a bit. I love my not supersupersuper important boys though. Anyway tomorrow were taking 10 horses and it should be fun. Pez, Hernan, Rodrigo and Martin of course are coming to work. This will be my first show with Rancho Pampa so fingers crossed it goes well! I got to pack all the stuff to go (with Hernan checking after) so hoping that'll become apart of my job: packing for horse shows. I've already got two lists going of info/stuff and Ive never even shown with these guys before! Adore horse show packing!

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