Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 5th - 1:27pm

Rode Geologo, Buck, Lili, Herodes, grey with the polo mane and had a lesson on Lion. Very fun but tired. Partially the work, partially the jet lag I think. Lion is a great big bay stallion. Easily 17+. Hes 5 years old. We worked on keeping my lower leg forward to help balance him, hips back to slow his jump and hands up to keep him up. Very different style from at home but at home were also not asking these big young horses to jump 3'9" by 5 years old. Our 5 yr olds do the 2'6" pre-greens. He was a ton of fun though and its interesting learning a different style. Something to keep in mind with different horses. I had lunch with all the guys today for the first time. Hernan, Carlos, David, Martin and the guy with the cool hat whose name I can't say. Ive kind of given up trying as well. He and Carlos are very quiet so I spend most of the time attempting to talk to Hernan and David. David thinks its hysterical that I never know what is going on. My favorite phrase is "no se!" and "como?". I dont know and what?. With Martin translating we all have a laugh over how unhelpful the translator at the airport was. Apparently she did not tell David anything that I said (not that I said much) so the poor guy was even more confused than me. Martin gave Hernan grief as well because he has taken to trying to tell me things that sound super important just as I get on. Obviously I have no idea what he is saying so I end up trooping out to Martin in the ring to tell him Hernan said something again and I don't know what. Martin says just to ignore him but I still wonder. Given upunderstnanding him though. At lunch Martin was like "come on Hernan. Do you really think she is going to understand you?" They all laugh and say ella entienda nada but one of these days Ill understand at least some of what they say! Not gifted with languages like Martin but I wan to learn. Martin is going back to the show today. I might go with him. Maybe. Im still trying to recover from the flights here I think. Tireddd! 

Photos of Violet the Jack Russel, Quatro the big and one of the cats.

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