Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20th - 9:55pm

BAn easy day off that included an attempt at sleeping in (was up at 8:30), reading and a casual trip into Buenos Aires to watch the FEI Grand Prix at the Hipico. No big deal really. The horses were amazing, the riders brilliant, the course challenging and the whole set up was just awesome. Three riders made it through the first round clear with 12 more having 8 faults or less. The course was a challenging one that really tested the horses and riders. Lots of rails down by the less experienced. A big oxer to start, left roleback to a vertical, 6 strides to the water jump with a 6 more to an oxer. It took a forward ride to the water and a big woah to the oxer to get out clear. Tight right roleback to a skinny then broken like to the in and out. Triple bar going in, two normal strides and an oxer going out. Took a good steady to make it fit. Five more strides to the vertical with a liverpool. Left bend to a very upright plank at the end of the ring then left turn to an oxer. Big galloping five up to the next oxer followed by either an insids turn between two fences or the outside track to an A, B, C combination. Vertical, one stride, oxer, one stride, vertical and either 6 or 7 more strides to the final vertical. The best 15 riders came back for the speed phase. Toughest part in the speed was the bending line set on 4.5 strides. Angle them and ride direct in four or bend it out in five. A couple riders couldn't quite get the line and got there in the four and a half strides. The triple combination was used again but going the other way. It also became a one to a two. Lots of rails down and poor Picadilly (brilliant horse) went to make the two stride in one. His rider attempted to keep him on the ground and they compromised in the middle by getting off the ground just enough to crash. Both horse and rider walked away though so hoping theyre ok. A very nice Argentine man won the class on a horse bred in the country so that was awesome for Argentina!
Going to be a very exciting and busy week at the barn with 6 new horses coming in (one a Picadilly baby)! The foal, Witicha and Romance Z are headed out to the mare herd to help make room for everyone! Exciting stuff!

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