Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8th - 9:58pm

I have no idea how many horses I rode today. Pastrocito, Geologo, Buck, chestnut stallion, Lion, Nixon, Skyline, Benito, bay mare and one other. So ten horses. Im tired. Gonna be a bit till Im fit enough for this! But today was super exciting because Bernie Traurig is in Buenos Aires giving clinics! And he's staying with Martin at Rancho Pampa! After the clinics today they came back to the barn and Martin and I showed Bernie some horses. It was kind of 50/50 with me showing him horses and me getting a lesson/help from him. Very exciting stuff. Plus he has a client with him horse shopping who is a very successful trainer/rider on the west coast. Martin, the trainer and I all rode together on some of the 4 year olds we have here. Got to see a lot of them go like hunters for the first time and I loveee watching Twilight go. He's lovely. And I love jumping Skyline. Not my favorite for the flat but to jump. Love. After we had dinner at Martins and hung out talking horses and watching videos of some of the best show jumping rounds over the years. Very fun stuff. Another long day riding if the rain holds off. If not, into Buenos Aires to watch the clinic with Bernie!

Photo of one of my favorite horses Pastrocito. He's ugly as can be and kind of a freak but I like him.

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