Friday, May 11, 2012

May 11th - 8:20pm

Everything is still soaked here from the rain yesterday so our ring is still flooded. We rode some horses down the road to Martin's friends barn and borrowed their indoor for the morning. I rode a couple and brought a few back and forth between the covered and our barn for Martin to ride. The whole thing was something I've never experienced before. At 7:30 Martin and I grabbed the first two horses off the walker and climbed on. Rodrigo got on this rickety old bike and we all set off out the back gate down this dirt road to the friends place. The nicest back dirt roads in this area is easily 5 times as pot hole filled and trash covered as the worst one in Charleston. There are stray dogs running around, horses randomly tied to trees or posts, people walking and trash everywhere. And were all just headed down the road on two nice young jumper stallions and Rodrigo on a bike that David tried to repair last week. It was a short ride to the indoor but to get to the actual indoor you have to go through the barn. And barn aisles here are tight. Very narrow. And generally with low ceilings. I expected us to jump off and hand walk them down the twisting barn aisles but nope. Martin rode right on in ducking wherever necessary. This barn had the same roughly square design ours down with a small open court yard in the middle. Very different from the straight aisles at home. The horses I rode were good considering they hadn't been worked much in two days and were at a new place. After we went over to this gorgeous facility for the second clinic with Bernie Traurig. Id missed the first day of the one earlier this week so it was fun to watch. My spanish is getting better two. Twice Bernie has had me translate something simple for him and both times Ive been able to do it! Getting more and more comfortable with the language. The clinic went well and between listening to Bernie talk this morning while riding our horses and what he said in the clinic Im getting new ideas for my riding and solidifying old ones. But beyond that, Im getting more and more excited to start lessoning with Martin once Bernie is gonr. Martin is an amazing rider on the flat and over fences. He knows a ton and just watching him ride gets me thinking. Staying home from the clinic to hack horses with Rodrigo tomorrow. Finally back in the saddle for more than a few horses! 

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