Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 4th - 10:42am

It really is 10:42. And I dont think it was 9:45 yesterday. Wasnt until late that I figured out the time. I am one hour ahead of home. Well yesterday was an adventure and today even more so. Yesterday I rode Skyline, Lion, Herodes and the grey with the polo mane. I cant say his name but it means sheephearder in spanish. All were very nice. Impressed with how broke all of the horses are. All quiet and easy despite being very young and many being stallions. I met Martin yesterday and lessoned with him today. Super nice guy who is definitely in this for the horses. Amazing rider too. Today we rode in the morning. I rode the two I am to help leg up Geologo and Buck as well as Lion and the grey polo maned horse. Had a lesson with grids on the grey with Rodrigo. Rodrigo is the assistant trainer and is also a very good rider. Im hoping they both think Im at least decent! Rodrigo is one of those guys who thinks he is pretty hot stuff. And yeah he's kind of attractive but Im here to ride 100%. Hes still a really nice guy though. Martin is my favorite of the guys here though. He says the best things and is so blunt. He invited me to dinner at his house and we watched CSI and had chicken and salad. My first normal meal in 2 days! Anyway at one point we were talking about TV and he said he didnt like it much until he got Tivo. He was like "you know Tivo? I love that shit! That shit is crack!" I swear I was dying laughing. Earlier when we had been at the store he asked me if I cooked.  I said no not really. His reply "You will. Youll get hungry enough." I guess he is right though.   I made scrambled eggs last night afterall.  They were awful but I was hungry.
Anyway prior to going to the store Martin took me into Buenos Aires to watch a horse show. In BA there are three riding clubs. The German riding club or the Aleman. The epico and the buenos aires. Im am sure those are spelled wrong but thats what they sound like. The Aleman has the nicest rings because they are right where a riverbed use to be and the water comes up from below to keep the rings wet. The footing is the natural river sand as well. We went to the show there. The Buenos Aires is where the Bernie Trahrig clinic will be held and we stopped by there to get some paperwork. The epico apparently has the nicest facilities and well be showing there later. But anyway the show at the Aleman was a ton of fun to watch. The 1.40 class was going and Martin pointed out all the good riders and would guess what turns theyd make before they made them. We walked the course as well and he gave his input on how he'd do it. Very fun. Funniest part was all the American music. They played Hey Soul Sister at least 3 times while we were there along with tons of other american songs. I asked Martin what the deal was and he was like "we always listen to this shit and never have any idea what it means. Just keep listening!" Met some very cool people and one crazy one. Craziness carries even with a language barrier! 

Photos of some of the barn, ring and horses.

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