Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 22nd - 9:40pm

It poured again last night so again, no more riding. I don't know whose going to go crazy first me or the horses from being in too much! We've body clipped almost everything in the barn and I swear the dogs are next if this rain doesn't quit. Clipped Herodes, Pastrocito, National, Cylene and Georgia with Rodrigo today. Too much horse hair. By the end I'd learned the words for head, legs, hair and had thoroughly used the phrase no me gusta to describe just about everything. It'd be beyond miserable if the guys weren't so much fun. They're constantly joking and laughing while they work which makes everything entertaining. Rodrigo knows the most english so we talk the most. Hernan and I are about 50/50 with handsignals and words communicating. David and I have at least 3 conversations a day about bread and when I say something to him in spanish that makes sense he always shakes my hand. And does the same thing in the morning. No buen dia or hola. Just hand shake. With a very serious face. And in a country where everyone kisses cheeks Im curious as to what that actually means. One day Ill be able to ask. In the mean time I just want to ride. Praying the rain holds off tonight so we might be able to get back in the saddle! We're suppose to be going to a show Sunday and Im hoping we get there!

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