Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 23rd - 9:34pm

Woke up this morning and pulled on jeans instead of breeches fully expecting to spend another day body clipping. A few minutes before 7:30 Martin yelled up that horses were loaded and by the way were going over to a covered arena today! Back in the saddle at last! The horses were a little fresh after 4 days off and no turn out. Their only exercise has been on the hot walker and for young fit horses, that barely cuts it. Took two full trailer rides to get the horses all to the covered ring and back along with all the stuff. Plus Martin, Rodrigo, Goyo and I. Turned 4-5 hours of riding into an all day affair. I got to ride National, Cor lit, Justinian, Lion and Benito though. It was my first time on Cor lit and that horse showed me the difference between a kind gelding that will help you out and an opinionated stallion who would like to do the exact opposite of what I want. The geldings certainly make me feel better about myself and my ability but attemping to get Cor lit to do what I wanted when I wanted had a definite challenge to it. The saying that you can tell a gelding, ask a mare and discuss with a stallion is definitely true. Fingers crossed though that he and National are leaving for new homes soon though. Cor lit to the US and National to a rider here. Hoping to be able to ride again tomorrow if this rain lets up. We've got a horse show Sunday so somehow everyone's got to stay in work!

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