Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25th - 10:05pm

Ive never had days go by as quickly as they do here. One second its Monday and the next were gearing up for the Sunday horse show. Cant believe its Friday already! Yesterday was more clipping and cleaning around the barn since our ring is still flooded. The air is very humid and still so its not drying quickly to start and the random storms certainly arent helping the matter. We got our truck back last night (yay!) and promptly turned right back to take National to be tried. I seriously wish this horse was even halfway decent at jumping. Id drag him home for his personality alone. National is a 4 yr old gey stallion who could easily swap places with a beginner lesson pony. No problem. We took him to the Hipico after dark, parked in the back unloading area which is really dark and tacked him up in the trailer by himself. He didnt even move. Just stood there. Despite the inconsistent work lately, he was fantastic for the clients as well. Fingers crossed they buy him! We stopped by a thoroughbred auction on the way home for Martin to meet someone as well. Very interesting seeing all the young TBs. They sold those horses insanely fast as well. I think 30+ were sold in under and hour and a half. And for decent money too. The sport horse auctions take much longer. Still didnt get in until late though and then with dinner, it was a long day.
Today we took 12 over to the big covered again to school for the show sunday. Left the barn before daylight at 6:00. The guys all gave me grief cause I help pack and get ready then passed out in the car straight away. Living about the barn has perfected my ability to sleep though anything and in just about any condition. Everyone I rode/warmed up were pretty decent on the flat. Mona came again to help Martin with some of them and they all looked to be jumping well. A little wild but theyre all so young itd be very weird if they werent up. Took two trips to drag everyone back home (Martins trailer is only a 6 horse) and once we got home it was rapid fire clean up because the new working student and her parents were coming to check the place out. Martin told me to just put all the bridles/martingales/breastplates/ect on the right racks to just get them out of the way since they were everywhere. I knew I'd go back and clean them once the people left but the guys missed that memo. Several minutes of total confusion with poor Hernan trying to figure out why I was putting away dirty stuff, I managed to put enough spanish words together to tell him a new working student was coming and the barn needed to be very clean. His first question, "Is she beautiful?". In english. Typical guy. And that would be one of the few words/phrases he knows. Along with pinball, game over and hey you. No idea where hes getting these words. Anyway the girl and her mom seemed nice enough. I totally spaced on the whole cheek kissing thing though and had a brief awkward moment trying to shake their hand while they try to kiss my cheek. Not quite habit yet! Apparently the girl understands/speaks a little english despite being an argentine native so hopefully between my little knowlege of spanish and her english well get by being roommates and working together. She moves in tomorrow and is staying till the end of June. By the end of this I'll definitely know a lot more spanish! Itll be fun either way though!

Photos of Hernan riding Cuatro the guard dog, David with his mate and Goyo. And then pictures of tonights project. De-icing my freezer. It was pretty solidly filled with ice an hour ago. Now all the ice is in my sink. Eventually I should be able to feel my fingers again!

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