Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 10th - 7:18am

It is absolutely pouring at the farm today so get to go into town and watch the last day of the clinic with Bernie Traurig! We don't have a covered at home so when it rains the riding stops. And when it rains in Argentina, it rains hard. Im getting more and more use to life here. Life is a lot more flexible. No one really goes by much of a schedule with their social lives. People come and go, show up and leave on whatever schedule suits their fancy. "Come over for dinner later" means someone could show up in 30 minutes or in 2 hours. They could stay an hour or half the night. Everyone stays really flexible. The driving doesnt bother me as much either anymore. Random motorcycles shooting everywhere and people changing lanes, directions and speeds with no obvious cause are beginning to seem more normal. The kissing on the cheek thing is also less weird too. When you meet people you kiss them on the right cheek. At first I was like why the heck is this random person going to hug and kiss me? But already that is just becoming part of life. Now to start realizing when you do it and when you dont! The different language is also becoming easier too. My spanish is still slow and broken but its easier and more comprehensive than before I came. Part of that is just from listening and part is from constantly asking what the names of things are. The guys at the barn and Martin put up with a lot of questions from me! All things considering though, I really like it here. 

Photo of one of my favorite animals here: Violeta!

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