Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21st - 11:58pm

On the way home from Martin's dad's house in Buenos Aires at the moment. We all had dinner there with a few relatives and family friends. It was very fun despite 95% of the conversation being in Spanish. I followed a tiny bit but mostly just laughed along. The food was traditional for Argentina in both type and way of serving. Basically one bowl/dish/tray at a time set out to pick at. A very different way of eating for me and you never quite know when the food is wrapping up which is kind of strange but very fun. I got to try a bunch of different cheeses and meats, squid and a few things that I couldnt even take a guess at what it was. Everything but the squid was really good though! And dessert amazingly didn't include dulce de leche! Almost every dessert here has dulce de leche in it. And it is simply un-Argentine not to adore it. Prior to dinner Rachel and I walked around Buenos Aires and did some shopping. We went through the more historic portions of town and to the old town center. There was a BEAUTIFUL chapel there that we got to go into as well. The city is very different but its growing on me for sure. It rained again last night and through the day and is somehow still raining so were off the horses for awhile. Catching up at the barn and hanging with the guys. I umderstand them a little better everyday. Even today Hernan was joking with Rodrigo that I don't understand anything and I overheard. He got a bit of a shock when I yelled down the barn aisle (in spanish) "I understand things sometimes!" One of these days those guys are going to get a rude awakening when I start really understanding them and being able to speak well! Right now everything is in the present tense, noun to adjective agreement is rarely matching and verb conjugations are strictly first or second person. When I remember. Oh well they understand me for the time being and Im picking up more and more every day of both real spanish and their slang. Which has a name and history to it apparently. Limbargo is what its called. Which Im sure is spelled incorrectly. And it has some historical significance. Something to do with being able to speak without the police understanding. 

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