Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7th - 1:07pm

Im starting to get use to the life/schedule here. Work starts in the barn below my loft at 6:00 or so and that serves as my alarm clock of sorts. Be in the barn by 7:30 and get on the roan stallion Geogolo. He's a 1.30 meter horse in rehab for a leg thing. Then the bay mare named Buck (who has no buck but does spook). By then Rodrigo or Martin are usually on their schedule and can tell me who else to ride. Usually its Lion, Helado, the grey with the polo mane Pastrocito and one or two others like Skyline or Luli. Lunch is at 12:30 or so and after, everyone disappears. Ive yet to figure out how all the guys disappear so fast but they do. Martin is out with Bernie so Violet and I just went up to my loft. One of the perks of living on the center aisle of the barn is I can hear when there is someone in the barn. So whenever the guys show back up, I can run back downstairs like I actually had some idea of what was going on. All of the horses were good again today and Im becoming more confident in what Im doing here and my riding. I have a very different style from Rodrigo but that doesnt mean what I do is wrong. So far Martin hasnt had many critiques so just going to keep doing what Im doing. With Martin off the farm Rodrigo was in charge so we tried to talk a lot more today. He knows a little english and I know a little spanish so we can generally patch together a slow but understandable conversation. Google translator helps too. He invited me out with his friends even! Might take him up on it once my Spanish is better. Because right now I barely understand him speaking slowly let alone a group of people speaking quickly. Plus Im having to learn a whole new set of words. Like the word for bird in spanish books in the US is different than their word for bird. Makes things a little confusing sometimes! But so far I think weve understood each other pretty well. I did look at Rodrigo today when Hernan started speaking in spanish at me again and just told him in english that I thought Hernan was crazy. I think he understood me because Rodrigo busted up lauging and poor Hernan just stood there totally confused.
Anyway I think Bernie and Martin are on the way here so got to get going!

Photos of my loft over the grooming stalls and view out the kitchen window of Luli, Nixon, National, Cylene and Pachinis stalls.

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