Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 16th - 11:25pm

Was on 10 different horses today. Different sizes, ages, levels and genders. Nothing like riding everything possible to develop a seat. More time in the saddle everyday I am here. Exactly what I need. Lessons started at 7:30 with Lion and tips, critiques, instructions and training ideas came flying from then on. Im going to have to start carrying something to write it all down if it keeps up at this rate! The first exercise with Lion looked super straightfoward but the set up and attention to detail meant it kicked my butt. Transistions had to be prompt and accurate, straight lines had to be straight, the pace had to be forward and balanced, the turns balanced and done without cutting a corner. Spent the ride on Herodes warming up with lots of forward and woah and turns before testing myself on the exercise again. Somewhat better but still some scrambling to put it all together in places. By Pastrocito, I had it. Easy exercise defeated. Finally. Then Martin got on me about looking at each horse I got on with two plans in mind. The big picture plan of what had the horse done that week, what was it going to do next week. Does this need to be a fitness day or a hard working ride or a light workout? Then letting the horse tell you what needed to be done that way. Get on and walk. Can you move up at the walk? Turn left/right? Woah? Whatever is sticky gets worked on. Meredith Michaels Berbaum said to jump a course you need 4 things. Forward, back, left and right. Establish those things and improve upon them every ride. In the afternoon, it was gridwork with Twilight, Justinian and Virtroso. Both to help me and get the horses ready for a client coming tomorrow. Again, straightness, balance rythym and impulsion in the gaits to the jumps as well as a plan after landing were key. Martins going to fix my habit of wandering after a fence one way or another. All 3 horses were lovely to ride. Virtroso especially. He's just amazing to jump. 100% feel like you're flying. Just as slow and soft as can be despite having a huge jump.

Tonight we went to the Hipico to watch the La Tatabra auction horses go undersaddle. They are auctioning their 3 year olds Saturday. They showed at a walk trot and canter with most doing a few lead changes. 28 horses went through and I liked two. One jumper type and one hunter. We'll watch them free jump tomorrow and may end up bidding on one for a client on Saturday. After we went to Martin's mom's house for dinner. She is an amazing cook and painter. Two things Ive noted about coming here: everything taste better and if its dessert it probably has dulce de leche in it. Both were true tonight. The food here is very different from what I am use to. Lots of meat. Which I dont usually eat much of. But the meat along with the veggies and fruit are all organic since pestacides and hormones are too expensive to use. Almost nothing has perservatives as well. It really does make the food taste better and be better for you. Late nigt tonight and another long day tomorrow!

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