Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28th - 8:45pm

Its taken a month of being totally independent of family to get tired if mooching/left overs and want to learn how to cook. In the states, my grandmother cooked for me a lot and I am crazy good with a microwave so I got by without learning how to make pretty much anything. Here, however, anything not fresh is crazy expensive so there is no buying pre-made food. You buy fresh things and make something. Ive been experimenting with eggs lately and can pretty consistently turn out good hardboiled eggs. Today started the first step of cooking something not stupid proof. Made a cheese omlette and cooked some red and green peppers in a pan (no idea what its called to just throw them in the pan with oil and a little salt). And all of it was edible! And really good! Ive been trying and doing lots of new things here and cooking stuff will have to get added to the list of things to do again (unlike the hot sauce and hot pepper testing of last night).
Today was a pretty light day riding wise. All the show horses had the day off but Cor Lit was being tried again so we drug him, Lion, National and Twilight to San Martin to ride again. I had an AMAZING ride on Lion. Everything Martin has been saying suddenly made sense this past weekend and I was able to work Lion from being a great big diaster on 4 legs to a smooth soft ride. Love break throughs like that. Rode Cor Lit for the clients after and we did much better the second time around. Learning how to deal with these young horses and stallions better every day. Our ring is drying and no more rain is forcast so hopefully well be able to get back on the ones who've had the last week and a half off soon. I think were taking the 12 we've managed to keep in work on more trail rides tomorrow which should be fun. Getting out and seeing the area is always interesting!

Photo of part of dinner!

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