Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 27th - 6:05pm

First horse show with Rancho Pampa was today. Like with all shows in Buenos Aires we trailered in and left after. Despite having to trailer the horses more than an hour we didn't have to leave too terribly early. At 6:00 or so. Once there we tacked up three of the series one horses then the others. Martin Rodrigo and I hacked them then switched to the next set and did the same thing. Everyone did a warm up class before their real series class so once everyone had done their w/t/c Martin would switch onto whoever was in order to go in the series, jump, do the course then switch to the next one. Pez and I walked or trotted the horses undersaddle in the warm up until it was their turn to go. The series one horses are also allowed in the ring to look at the jumps prior to their class so we each took one in to walk around. Then back to the warm up to keep walking. Which at the beginning of the way was INSANE. The horse I rode first did not like horses trotting or cantering at him and would dive backwards if they got the tinest bit close. The classes under a meter were mostly kids and it was total chaos. Martin had said the rules of the warm up were the same as in the US but I swear with the kids, there were no rules. None. Nada. Warming up was the real show to watch. No one fell off though so have to give them props. Rachel said the riding here is a lot like the driving: you watch out for yourself and everyone else does the same. Once I got that down I was pretty good. And after 7-8 hours  of being up aboard one of the 10 horsed we brought I was pretty adept at just watching for myself. All of our horses did pretty well today. I know most jumped clean which is great. And I fell even more in love with one horse we have named Benito. I didnt think much of him in the stall/watching him w/t/c but after my lesson last Saturday and then seeing him jump today I love him. He has a super cute front end and jumps off the ground so slow and nicely. Different shoes, maturity and training could help his movement a lot and I can only imagine how nice his jump would be over a big solid hunter style fence. Plus his a really cool roan buckskin color. Never seen anything like it before. Super cute though. We got in from the show around 5:00 and by then the guys had most of the horses back home and stuff clean/unpacked. Pez and I just helped pick up some and hay. Headed to have dinner upstairs with Martin and Rachel in an hour!  

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