Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 2nd - 9:38pm

Didn't get a post in yesterday since it ended up being an incredibly late night with Martin's dad's birthday party. As always it was super fun to spend time with Martins family. It is kind of weird, however, to realize Ive been here long enough that I have met most of his family. Hard to believe in some ways. As always, great food, awesome people and a lot of fun. Camilla and I bailed just after 1:00 while everyone else was still going on with the party. I dont know how they do it. Especially Martin. Cause I had an easier day than he did and I was still half dead. Pretty much over this heat. Makes everyday feel like you've about killed yourself even after doing minimal work.
And for me lately, today was minimal work. Rode Jour, Bellini, Montana, Virtuoso, Cor Lit and Quantum. Light hacks all around since we needed to be quick with Rodrigo not riding today. He had an accident with one of the first horses of the day and took the rest of the day off. So rode some of mine then helped Martin film the young horses over fences just before lunch. Didn't get through them all so had some for after lunch and it was HOT. Not quite as bad as Thursday but still not fun. Thankfully though it did rain last night. The lightening started just before dinner and then toward the end the skys absolutely opened up. And then the hail came. That was a shock for me to say the least. And not just a little bit of hail, an insane amount considering it was so hot earlier. So much wind, rain, hail and lightening. Never seen anything like it. That did pass quickly thank goodness. But since it did rain last night, today was a lot cooler. It is probably too much to ask for but I do hope that was the last of the really hot weather. As a result of the rain, it was a quiet inside day today. No riding, just barn stuff. It was also Camilla's last day here. Very sad stuff. It is so weird to be the only person in the house again. And not just for a night or two. Craziness. There is a new girl coming some time in March. Mid March I believe. Not sure if there will be any new additions between now and then though. Always a suprise of who ends up here!

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